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Power to Achieve, Business & Investing 2015, London

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It was a great pleasure attending the truly transformational 3 day live seminar: Power to Achieve, at The Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow, London.

I was introduced to this event by my very good friend Jass, (www.jassv.com) who specialises in Digital Marketing and IT Consulting and his wife Nishi (www.nishiv.com) a passionate make up artist and blogger. We all thought it would be a great weekend to boost our knowledge and discover the tools and an insight from the World’s Top Entrepreneurs.

So why did I attend? To answer and fulfil the statement below:

What stops us enjoying the income we deserve is not just a fear of failure, but also that we settle for an income we think we’re worth. The truth is we could be making twice as much with a sharper mind-set and an updated skill-set


Being a freelance graphic designer for 5 years, I feel I could be achieving much more! The only thing which holds us back in life from achieving our potential is ourselves. It is likely we have been conditioned by our parents, family, friends, colleagues and society which can lead to low self esteem in leading life a certain way in which we are not happy with. The Power to Achieve seminar is all about creating the most amazing life for yourself and fulfilling all your dreams.

The secret is having a good mindset.

During the 3 day event I gained life changing skills and strategies, which made me think in a way I had never thought before. Although, I have always had a good mindset, it can sometimes be put down by a bad day or bad phase in your life. However, it’s important to put these negative thoughts to one side as it achieves nothing. It’s important to believe in yourself and remain positive. I have learnt to re-program my mind for success and break through to new levels of my inner strength and imagination, which will enable me to re-train my mind and condition myself to attract lasting and permanent success.

Below are just some of the secrets I discovered by attending The Power to Achieve LIVE Weekend Event.


How to utilize my fears, and transform any negativity into positive action. This will result in opening the doors to unparalleled success.

Balancing Your Mind

I learnt how to balance my mind and change any negative thoughts, which were holding my back. It was a great process and I am pleased to say I think it works!

A Hidden Secret Inner Strength (Karate style!)

Being a petite girl I always undervalued my strength…not anymore! I am pleased to announce that I smashed through the barriers to reach my success by breaking through one inch thick wooden board, with my little hands! Goodbye to all my negative thoughts and obstacles!

Power to Achieve Smashing a wooden board
Smashing a one inch wooden board

Becoming A Millionaire Entrepreneur

I learnt some great ideas of how to achieve financial freedom, however no one says it happens overnight!


Andy Harrington

UK’s Leading Motivational Coach

Simon Coulson

UK Internet Marketing Coach

Shaa Wasmund

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Kevin Green

Wealth Coach
Featured on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire

Kevin Green Secret Millionaire
Karizmatic with Kevin Green from The Secret Millionaire, Channel 4

It was a great pleasure to meet Kevin Green who featured in my favourite program The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4. Also was a great feeling standing next to a millionaire.

Above are just some of the great things I learnt and hopefully soon I will be on my way to becoming a millionaire!

If you would like to change your life around then check out the website www.powertoachieve.co.uk