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On a glorious Thursday evening I had the great pleasure of attending “Tech at the Tower” How to attract customers and retain clients. The event was to be hosted by Enterprise Nation, Founder and Business Expert Emma Jones, and held at the iconic BT Tower.

As well as an amazing line-up of entrepreneurs and speakers, we were in for a treat by being elevated to the top of the BT Tower to experience views of London and network with the speakers and enjoy the delicious canapés and drinks. This was a great opportunity for business and pleasure combined!

When I arrived at the BT Tower Reception, I was welcomed by the friendly receptionist who provided me my ID and then passing me through the security, just like at the airport! I was fascinated by the funky, quirky telephone seat and the creative magical wall which was a doodle sketch of London with all the attractions as well as incorporating social media, Twitter and facts about technology. This was working using the projector. Me and Jass had great fun taking photos with this funky wall, that we nearly forget about the Speakers!


BT Tower Reception
BT Tower Reception Purple Telephone Seat
BT Tower Funky London Wall Display
BT Tower Funky London Wall Display


We were escorted to the seminar room, and was given a warm welcome and introduction to the event by Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation.

Bob McNinch, Director of Online, BT Business, kicked off the event with a great sense of humour talking about the “Importance of attracting and retaining customers” We then moved on to “How to use technology to accelerate business growth” This was a talk with a chair panel of entrepreneurs to discover how they are embracing technology to enhance sales.


Ronen Givon, Co-founder of Hummus Bros

Matthew Stibbe, CEO of Articulate Marketing

Jonty Sharples, Co-founder and CDO at Hactar

Bob Mcninch, Director of Online, BT Business


Tech at the Tower Panel
Panel of Business Entrepreneurs


I learnt lots of great tips on how to retain my customers and also how to market my business and services even better.

Now it was the moment we had all been waiting for…Being elevated to the 34th Floor of the BT Tower to witness to spectacular view of the London skyline!

As I nervously entered the lift, my heart was pounding as I did have a slight phobia of heights, however as I stepped out of the lift I was greeted by a drink and canapés from the waiter and the breathtaking view made me forget my phobia! What a view it was! The next surprise was that the floor rotated, so we could continue to network and chat whilst the view London rotated around us! Networking at its best! It was great to mingle with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and experts sharing their experience and tips for success, as well being surrounded by 360 degrees views of London.


BT Marketing Team
Having fun with the BT Marketing Team at the top of the BT Tower
BT Marketing Manager
Having fun with the BT Marketing Manager
Emma Social Media Manager BT
Karizmatic with Emma, Social Media Manager, BT
Enterprise Nation at the top of the BT Tower
Karizmatic and Enterprise Nation
Karizmatic with the waiter at the top of the BT Tower
Karizmatic with the waiter serving canapes

After a great few hours of networking it was time to come back down to Earth. As we handed back our ID cards to the receptionist, we were handed a purple envelope which contained a certificate, of our visit to the BT Tower. What an awesome souvenir!


BT Tower Certificate
Karisma Kawol’s BT Tower Certificate


For more information about Enterprise Nation and how they can help your business start and grow visit www.enterprisenation.com