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Being a technology enthusiast, The Wearable Tech Show at Excel London was a must see for anyone in love with gadgets and technology. The Wearable Tech Show was running alongside The Augmented Reality Show and IOT Connect.

The event was the largest show dedicated to technology with 225 speakers, over 140 exhibitors including TomTom, Samsung and Sony, more than 40 product launches and also showcased innovative start-ups from around the world. Channel 4 and The Gadget Show were also filming at the event highlighting the innovative technology products to showcase to the public.


Some of my FAVOURITE exhibitors who impressed me included:

Arloopa produces creative content, solutions and applications by combining imagination and reality into unique AR/VR experiences. The team of Arloopa left me mesmerized as they took me into danger being surrounded by dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park, which I could interact with using my hands and feet, and then left me gobsmacked by making me meet Einstein! A truly creative and imaginative company with amazing magical concepts to leave you speechless!

Octagon Studio
Octagon Studio is a multimedia company specializing in producing and delivering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions and products for mobile and wearable devices. Octagon Studio also integrates 360 photography, AR and VR into unique applications utilizing the immersive quality of these mixed realities.

Octagon Studio makes your t-shirt come to life! They had a range of Augmented Reality clothing giving a fun twist to the standard plain t-shirt worn every day. I chose a t-shirt with a monkey print. As I the t-shirt was scanned by the app, the monkey came out of the t-shirt and was swinging on the tree branch! You simply have to download the App onto your phone and select the garment of your choice and be prepared to be amazed!

Another product was a set of flash cards, which brings the image on the card to life!

It was great meeting the Artifact team who fired us up in the morning with a great VR experience of attacking skeletons in a bone yard and then a relaxing swim in the ocean with dolphins!

With great technology comes great fashion! It was a pleasure to meet the Ayegear team who have a great range of clothing to keep your technology safe with over 25 pockets in one jacket! The garments have been designed to cater for connectivity, accessibility, mobility, and security, making it ideal for travelling and the airport. Ayegear offer garments for men and women, so everyone can keep the technology safe and close by! Check out their amazing range at


The Wearable Tech Show 2016 - OPENING DAY HIGHLIGHTS


The Wearable Tech Show was a great show for anyone who has a love for technology, I am already looking forward to next year!


7 - 8 March 2017

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