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RBTE, Retail Digital Signage Expo and Retail Design Expo, 3 shows about the retail industry under 1 roof! It was a retail heaven at Olympia, London on 9 and 10 March with over 650 exhibitors national and international across all 3 shows. The exhibition was spread across 3 large floors and there was inspiration and creativity all around me!

This event was a dream come true for all retail lovers to gain inspiration and ideas for their retail business.


Retail Design Expo
This show was my favourite as it was all about design, marketing and visual merchandising, and as a designer I love to make sure everything looks pretty and wow. There was over 220 national and international exhibitors showcasing a range of innovative and creative solutions in visual merchandising, which was beyond my imagination.

My highlight of the day has got to be speaking to an intelligent monkey, yes a monkey! I was totally gob smacked as I walked past I heard a voice call me "will the lady in the blue dress step forward" As I turned around I saw a holographic monkey grinning at me! He told me to step closer and test his general knowledge, after 20 mins speaking to a monkey, I was invited to meet the man behind the monkey! Wonder Media Experience is a breathtaking, innovative, engaging solution to captivate your audience with animated characters. If you want to amaze your audience and leave them with an amazing magical experience, I truly suggest you check out the Wonder Media Experience!

Another fun experience was a Smile Meter! There was a teddy bear on the screen and I had to look into the camera and smile, which of course comes naturally to me, the more I smiled the level increased and as it hit the top, a gum-ball sweet dropped out! This technology was by Tro, they have also created the brand experience at The O2, Nissan Innovation Station, which I have recently visited and it was a great experience and lots of fun!

Retail Digital Signage Expo
This show showcased the numerous creativity and innovation with signage and screens, to get companies in retail, banks, hotels, restaurants and attractions such as museums to stand out from their competitors and to attract customers. On show was screen kiosks, media players and network solutions and 3D TV without the glasses!

One technology which particularly caught my eye, was a product by Videmo, called PeopleStats, a digital signage, which analyses faces in video images and delivers valuable information to increase the efficiency of the advert. As people walk past the digital signage it calculates their statistics to include gender and age. Unfortunately it guessed my age wrong of 0-19, I can't help it if I have a baby face! However, it was spot on with the age groups of my friends, so overall it does work! Face-based video technology opens up new opportunities in market research.

RBTE - Retail Business Technology Expo
This show was all about technology in retail with over 350 international suppliers including Fujitsu, Barclaycard and Dell. I saw different technology including scanning, self payment checkouts and also payment solutions for online shopping, which was helpful from a web development point of view.


RBTE, Retail Design Expo and Digital Retail Signage Expo 2016 - OPENING DAY HIGHLIGHTS


The Retail Design Show was a great show for anyone involved in the retail industry, I am already looking forward to next year!


19 - 20 April 2017

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